Hello, I’m Julia Dunn !
I am a 2D animator, character + background designer, advanced rigger, cartoon creator and the face behind ‘Not Dunn Creating.’
Originally from Levittown, Pennsylvania, I graduated with a BFA in Motion Design at Ringling College of Art + Design. My senior year I created an award winning short titled “Phobian” and it was the first taste i got to a dream i have had since I was seven, to be a cartoon creator.
Currently a freelancer, I’m working with a team on a pilot episode to be pitched while simultaneously studying and working towards my Artschool certificate(Artschool by Marc Brunet). As for my personal goals, I am working towards creating a YouTube channel where I can showcase both my love for creepy and my passion for characters. My goal for the future is to bring many of my cartoon ideas to life and to share them with the world.
Thanks for stopping by!
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